Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  We forgot all about it till we got to the church as it was  packed and  someone was handing out palm leaves to be blessed  at the mass.  After we attended the mass, we  headed to Eat and Park for lunch.
Photo: Just got out from church, proceeding at Eat 'n Park for lunch.  Happy Palm Sunday
Ms. Burrito was in the mood to pose so I clicked the photos above.  Then the Dad offered to click as well so the Mom  posed with the little Miss.
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) PosterAfter the fun shots, we watched  "The Amazing Spider Man" movie.  I like this latest version of  Spider  Man that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone did  better than the one that Tobey Maguirre  and Kirsten Dunst  have starred.  Spider man is based on Marvel Comics' superhero character, a story of a nerdy high schooler named Peter Parker. He grew up with his Uncle and Aunt and  bullied by jocks in school.  I bet, there would be a  second  part of this movie as they did not reveal what happened to his parents.
Shadow ShotsABC Wednesday
Here's a little Tagalog lesson for those Non-Filipino readers.  C is K in Filipino language/alphabet.  I'll give you some words relating to this post.

  • Catholic is Katoliko
  • Christian is Kristiyano
  • Cross is Krus
Alrighty folks, have a  beautiful Wednesday!