Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kali Rapid Expedition

The letter this week for ABC Wednesday is X so here are some that I found in my archive.  Xs in the window.
Below is a snapshot I took while we were on queue for the Kali Rapid eXpedition at   Animal Kingdom in Disney World, Florida last year. 
Our personalized Holiday cards from last year (photo above) and this year (photo below)..  Do you see the X-es in both photos (ribbons)?
Wishing you all a peaceful  new year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Tragedies... a Realization

Whew, I am relieved, the world is not over yet! Thank you God, for giving us another wonderful  time to live and  to enjoy the gift  of life that you  gave us!  

Despite of the devastating "Sandy" wrath (hurricane in New Jersey and New York and the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting), I am thankful that we are emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy.  May the the  Sandy tragedies gives us time to reflect and a realization  that every minute we spend with our family is valuable.

Please join me to pray for those  families who are affected by the "Sandy" devastation.
Photos were taken at home  after attending a Sunday mass.  
Let us not forget the true spirit of Christmas and that is to appreciate and  give thanks to God for everything that we have including the difficulty and hardships.  With this difficulty, we learned how to be strong and start  over again.  With every hardship and experiences, there is a lesson to learn.   

Let us not forget to tell our family how we love them.  Spend   quality time with your kids as much as you can.    Give a friend a hug, a smile, and pray for those less fortunate ones.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and  may your new year be filled with Love and Joy!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Our wedding Rings

Wedding is a precious moment, a beautiful thing, a major step into  building a  strong married life.  It is something that each couple should value and cherish everyday.  

"Through thick and thin, In sickness and in Health...." Oftentimes said, but how many couples do really live to  it's meaning?

It's sad that sometimes, no matter what the promises being said during the wedding day, a couple ends up parting ways.
Our wedding photo
A dear friend of mine gave me a  book called "The Four Gifts of Love" by Willard  F. Harley, Jr.  It focuses on the four key factors in making your marriage  strong and successful.  These four gifts includes care, protection, honesty , and time.  Reading a book like this makes you understand more what it takes to have a long lasting relationship.  Sometimes, even if  we love a person, we sometime neglect  to tell and show them how much we care and how we appreciate each things that they do for us.  

On the other note, my prayers goes to the families who lost their love ones in the recent tragedy  in Newtown, Connecticut.  I have been sleepless for  two nights now thinking of those kids and educators.  I also pray for the for the family of the shooter.   I pray that  may  they rest in peace.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miniature Bottles

My son found two very small bottles in the woods during our trek so I washed them and put some colorful sand.  The bottle on the  right end  is from my daughter's vacation Bible school, next to it is the invitation that we received  from her classmate and the tall one was the  souvenir I got from  a friend who visited Mexico during their  vacation this year.  It got broken but I did not throw it because I like its  design.  

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Friday, December 14, 2012

New Light Fixture

Hubby and I are planning to work on our bathroom the whole day tomorrow.  This project is  taking so long to finish because my husband is  at work on weekdays.  We already  installed the new  sink and vanity and tomorrow we will be putting the  medicine cabinet.  We bought a new medicine cabinet but we returned it because it was damaged.  I talked my husband into using  our old one as it is still in great condition.  We painted it  and it looks  like a newly bought  cabinet.  We are however using the new lights and fixture that we bought as we both don't like the old one that we have.  We bought a set of replacement light bulbs and well install it tomorrow as well.  I hope that we could finish it so I could clean up the house before Christmas.  I am getting tired of seeing the tools in the living room.  I can't wait till it's done so I can   put my personal touch to it.   How I wish  I know how to work on  big projects like this so  I could work on it when my husband is at work.  It is very hard to wait for a certain project to finish especially if it's a bathroom.  I am just glad that we have another  bathroom that we can use while we are working on this one.  

Small but Comfortable

This is another property that we looked at  few weeks ago.  The house was big but we did not like the backyard as it goes down a hill.  Ms. Burrito  is very determined to keep our existing house, she said that she love this house as she grew up here.  She said that she doesn't mind that it's small.  Oh well, I am more comfortable at our home anyway!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Play House from Cardboard Box

We got rid of so many big boxes that we had before but we have some more again due to our bathroom renovation. We have a big one and my daughter and I turned it into a play house.
Ms. Burrito suggested that we should put a chimney  so Santa Claus could get in  on Christmas time.  We are planning to decorate it for Christmas to "impress Santa" lol.

Wearing different kinds of socks is her new thing now.

I am wishing you guys a great weekend ahead!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Naturally Fresh

I was given three  products from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  I don't have undesirable  body odor or whatsoever but I want to try  these products anyway.
  1. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-on - this has natural ingredients which helps eliminate odor causing bacteria.  It is non-sticky and non greasy which is an important factor for me personally because you can wear dark color clothes (like the one I am wearing) without worrying that it will leave a white residue on your clothes.
  2. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal  Spray Mist - this is the liquid version of the above deodorant.    It is made from purified water and pharmaceutical grade and mineral salt.
  3. MoistStic - This is very essential  for me especially during winter times because my lips gets so dry during this time of the year.  
Disclaimer:  The products mentioned were given for free in return of my honest review.  There is no monetary compensation involve on this article.  Opinions is 100% mine.

You may check their  Facebook and Twitter pages.