Saturday, April 14, 2012

Curb Appeal Touches

Our Easter break was spent in working on our front lawn. In our quest to add some curb appeal to our newly built porch, we decided to buy a ton of rocks at Morreli Bros.  It cost  $90 for a ton and to have it delivered, we have to pay $65 plus $25 for fuel.  I was a little confused when they told us that we have to pay for the fuel.  Isn't it included when you charge a fee for delivery??  

Anyhow, hubby and I decided to just haul the rocks with our truck.  It's cheaper that way.  Not to mention that we only live 10 minutes away from the place.  I think it's a rip off that you have to pay doubled to have it delivered.  Luckily we have a truck and it save d us $90.  Granted we spent 10 dollars for gas but still, it's a big savings of $80, whew!
The grass at our front yard got damaged during the  construction of our porch so I tried to use the  grass that we removed from the place where we ut the rocks.
The kids  work as hard as we did in laying the rocks.  Of course Mr. Burrito has to supervise while we work hehehe.
Ms. Burrito is a hard worker, no matter what task you give her.  My husband always say that she is a lot like me, once I started doing something, I don't want to stop.
It looks a lot nicer now when we are pulling at our driveway.  The white rocks really add some touches to the over all look of our house.
It would be so much prettier  if we hired a professional landscaper  but with the  money we spent, it's worth  it that we did it ourselves.  It's a great feeling  when we are at our front lawn and  passers by will stop and compliment us about the new look of the house.  I just hope that the snow we  got last night won't kill the plants that we planted, fingers crossed here.

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Church Service

Ms. Burrito sung together with other SJS students at the church last Sunday. She decided not to continue with her dancing lessons anymore. We will try to enroll her in a piano lessons instead.
Churches during holidays masses are always full.   We always go  early during holidays just so we could sit on the spot where we always  sit on regular basis.