Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am Pooped!

Oh lord, I am beat and pooped. I was in the mood to do some gardening this morning so as soon as I woke up, I went out in the yard and started doing it. My Father-in-Law, gave me this gerbera daisy for my birthday (Thanks Dad).

There are three inside the planter so I decided to segregage each of them and planted it in three separate planter pots.

But anyhow, I did not stop until almost twelve then we went to Lowe's and got me some mulch, dropped by at Dad's and came back to continue what I was doing. I helped hubby mow the grass and then I started again with my gardening. I wasn't able to spread out my mulch as I finish planting my creeping phlox.

These are the miniature roses that Dad gave to me a couple of weeks ago. He knows my weakness lol. Thanks again Dad.

I am now off to bed dear friends as I am very tired (it's 12:01 now). I just forced myself to post this one. Goodnight and thanks for coming by.