Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodwill or God's Will?

When our daughter had to dressed like a saint, we chose St. Agnes for her.  Part of her costume is carrying a lamb on her arm so we tried every store in the area and we couldn't find one.  Two days before the event, I fell asleep at my FIL's couch and  hubby said "Are you ready to go?"  I replied "Okay, let's go to Goodwill."  My husband was puzzled with my reply but we went anyway.  And there we found a stuffed toy lamb, thanks God!
That was the first time we went to Goodwill.  As I walked around  and explore the store, I found this pretty blue vase.  I inspected it for any chips or damage but I found none, I looked at the price and it says $3, I said "Sweet."
I kept thinking, maybe it's God's will that we did not find any lamb in the store except in Goodwill because not only we found the lamb but also found the vase.  Sorry Lord, I didn't mean to associate You with material things.  I am just happy that we  find some good stuff for cheap unexpectedly lol.