Friday, July 31, 2009

Look at that MESS!

Yipppppeeee, it is Friday once again. My most awaited moment of the week because it is Mommy Moment Time. This week's theme is about MESS. This was taken during our last day in the Philippines, I went to our kitchen to boil water and then I swept the floor, when came up to our dining room everyone was laughing at me, when I asked them what's funny, they told me to look at my face in the mirror. This was taken last year, my burrito wanted to help me water the plants but instead he watered himself and us lol.. My little princess was 14 months old here, she love watermelon (pakwan). She love to scatter the pots and pans. This is what you eill see in our house if you visit us hehehehe. And of course expect to have a messy face when they were little. See how messy they are, I used to freak out before whenever our house is messy, but now i have learned how to live with it lol.. And for the finale, I want to share this lovely picture of our niece Jen's daughter Shelby. And that's a MESS! Thanks for peeking at my entry guys... To join the fun, just click the button above.