Monday, April 18, 2011

Jumping Men

The men of our home had so much fun jumping at the trampoline last weekend.
Mr. Burrito was showing different tricks to his Dad.
My husband did not really want to get in the trampoline because of his weight but since Mr. Burrito begged him, he  did it for a short time with him.
I am glad I chose this product to buy, this would be a lot of use to the kids this summer.
Right now, our temperature dropped down again so it's cold over here.
We laso have rainy days for the past couple of days.
It is so  nice to watch  my husband and children play together.
"Here's how you do it Dad" he always says!
Have a lovely day everyone!

Gardening with Mr. Burrito

We got so lucky to have had two days of warm weather last week. Me and my son took the opportunity and prepped our vegetable garden. My hands got blisters because I used the heave maddock in digging out the dirt hehehe.
I decided to remove the grass adjacent to the fence so I could plant some veggies  in it instead of just plain grass.  I used the grass to  fill in some of the low parts of our yard.
My son was busy picking up all the earthworms he could find and give it to the birds.  
I love it that we have a fence now because I can wear anything and not worry about  the neighbors looking at me lol.
My yellow tree (not sure the name of this plant) has bloomed already.
I took shots of these pretty blooms when we went at my SIL's home the other day.
These hyacinth are blooming  beautifully at Dad's front yard.
My Spring flowers did not bloom this year.
Have a  blessed Sunday everyone!

Weekend Shadows

The Burritos were so good at the church last Sunday so we  dropped by at the store and bought them some crafts to do.  Mr. Burrito insisted to have a squirt toy (he loves any kind of stuff that spits water).
We  visited Dad after church and stayed with him for almost two hours.
Mr. Burrito had so much fun squiting water on his toy while  Ms. Burrito and me did some crafts ( will post it next time). 
Every time we  will go somewhere, our 5 year old  daughter volunteers to start the car.
When we came home, we let Wubzy out in the yard.  Unfortunately, I have to catch him after  an hour or so as he started eating my plants that are starting to sprout up wahhh.
Champ also tried to nail Wubzy, good thing I was  keeping an eye on them so I stopped him.