Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Clang Dear!

The beautiful wife of Yochan  has celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Sorry for this delayed post Clang dearest, I got  occupied  yesterday.   I wish you and your family the best of health.  May your wishes come true soon.. another baby maybe?  I am sure that you had a very lovely celebration yesterday!  You may pay this lovely lady a visit through clicking the badge below.

Bed Hair

You can tell how addicted I am in blogging because after I   cook breakfast, feed the hungry tummies, and the students were out, I immediately jumped in my computer chair.   My ornery burrito love to take picture of me with bed hair wahhh..

Table Lamp from CSN

Below is my new purchase made at CSN Store.  My husband needed a study lamp at his study table in our bedroom.  He was formerly using the  ceiling lights but it has four bulbs in it that it's making  it hot and so bright inside the bedroom.  I like this Kichler Kirketon Banker's Desk Lamp in Antique Brass because the light is just perfect for my husband's need.  Not too bright and not too dark either.  It cost 82 dollars plus a free shipping, not bad  considering that the dear husband love it!
Our next project in the future is to buy us a new set of suitcase that we can use when we all  travel again going to the Philippines.  Our travel suitcases got destroyed during the transit  from Korea to here.  Most of the big ones has damages already so we really need a new set for the whole family.  If you haven't made a single visit to the CSN store yet, I recommend  this site because they comprise of so many different stores  with different items on sale.  They usually have  daily deals on stuff so  can check out what is available, they also have items on the clearance section that you might want to check out.  Most of their items  comes with a free shipping so that there is a great saving for your shopping spree already.  

Otter or Beaver?

I am not sure if these are the Otters or the Beavers.  The place where otters and beavers were placed at Pittsburgh Zoo are close together and I am not very familiar of these two animals.  So you be the judge.