Saturday, July 21, 2012


We didn't go to the movie theater till recently.  Before Ms. Burrito's 7th birthday, we decided to watch the Brave movie at a local theater here in our area.
It was  my kids first time to go to  a movie house and mine as well.
Hubby and I were concerned that the little boy won't sit still but he did and we're glad!
The movie house  was old so we  removed our clothes and throw it in a washer right away because we did not want to take a chance of dragging any  bed bugs inside our home.  

Movies always ends up in good ending right?  when we go back to reality, it's the other way around.  With the  recent shooting in Colorado for the premiere showing of the the movie "Batman", I don't think we will go to the movie house again real soon.  It's very  scary.

Being brave is great but how do you do that when you do not know the person you are dealing with?  For the past week, a private and unknown number keeps calling our home phone, the phone would rung even at 2 in the morning.  When my husband answers it, he won't talk.  Well, yesterday, I answered it  and this is what the pervert caller have said.

Pervert: "Hey, what are you doing?"
Me:  (Puzzled) Who is this please?
Pervert: Do you know what this huge c@%*k can do for you this afternoon?
Me:  (Shaking this time and lost my cool)..  Get lost! (hang up)

I am terrified because I think about the safety of  my kids.  How did  this  insane caller got our phone number?   We pay  an additional fee  every month  so that our number won't show in  phone books.  Only few people knows our number, just family and close friends.

My husband called the phone company to see what  they can do and  how to catch this predator.  The phone company then gave us instruction how to block this kind of caller.  They also gave us other option on how this caller's number would appear in our  caller ID.   I am hoping for the best that we would be able to catch this perve.

After the incident, I feel like  someone is watching us, just waiting  for the opportunity to do bad thing to  us.  Oh Lord, please protect us!