Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers at Pittsburgh Zoo

Here are some of the photos of the flowers I saw at Pittsburgh Zoo when we went there a couple of weeks ago with Jen and Jim's family. We originally planned to go for a camping but we did not push through because of some unavoidable reasons. We decided to go to the zoo instead so the kids could enjoy watching the different kinds of critters.
Anyhow, the only flower that I recognized here is the marigold. Everything else, I don't have any idea of their names.
Oh I like this bright orange fruit-like bloom from a tree.
And this one too, I think orange looks great when it's around brown and green color. What do you think?
These are inside the PPG Aquarium placed on top of a big rock. 
I like this vine too.
This is on the place where the orangutan's are running around.
This is just a quick update before we go to church. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. Thanks for your visit and comments!

The Penguins

My daughter had so much fun watching the penguins put on their show when we went to Pittsburgh Zoo. I couldn't get a good picture with them under the water.
They swam so fast that whenever I take pictures, It's blurry. Anyhow, these are the only ones that looks good.

Hope everyone had a lovely day. We are super busy at our end so pardon for me not visiting often.

Glass Theme in our kitchen

When we were buying our kitchen furniture, my husband and I fell in love with this table with a glass top. It suppose to be made3 of tampered glass so we thought it would be durable with kids around. However when my daughter is around two years old, she dropped the drinking glass at the tip of the table and it got chipped. We fixed the chip with a mighty glue and it is holding pretty good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Farewell Chelsea

We finally let go of Chelsea. We gave her up for adoption to anew family who want to have a dog of their own. I like Chelsea but we are getting tired of her running away. She fled the other day by digging a hole at the bottom of the fence Good thing that our neighbor caught her and she did not get hit with a car. So I contacted one of the Filipina friend here in our area and asked if she wants to adopt Chelsea. Since they already have a terrier, she told her other Pinay friend who wants a dog. So they came and got Chelsea the day before yesterday.
She's lucky to have her though because she is already house broken, already fixed (which we paid a fortune lol), and her shots are updated. So she basically got Chelsea for free unlike if you will adopt from the pound because you have to pay for the expenses. The only thing that she has to worry now is the fact that Chelsea is a vegetarian and she love to eat fruits and veggies.. in your garden lol. I warned her that she has to keep an eye on her if she will put her in their yard as she love to eat flowers and veggies. Here are some of the last shots that I took of Chelsea.

Farewell Chelsea. We wish you good times with your new family. Thanks for the joy you brought to us. We will just concentrate our love to Champ, our super-hyper dog who love to jump and play. Hopefully, he won't break his leg anymore. Today (August 26) is the national dog day. Below is a short excerpt copied from the newsletter I received from

It's National Dog Day! (There is a holiday for everything, isn't there?) August 26th marks the nation's annual celebration of dogs. It is a way to show public recognition for all of the wonderful things about our dogs and to celebrate their love, companionship, loyalty, patience and their amazing capacity to change our everyday lives.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Snow Tube

The temperature is slightly changing for the past two days. You can feel the fall weather already in the mid afternoon. Oh boy, how I wish that it would stay summer time like this because I am dreading cold weather lol. I was browsing for some photos this afternoon and found this one where me and the kids had so much fun sled riding. Maybe this year, we could try to ride a snow tube because you can buy an inflatable snow tubes for the kids to ride. It would be fun if they can ride by themselves hehehe. New Adventure, new fun!

First Day of School and August Celebrants

My weekend went a little nerve-wracking hahaha. I woke up at 6 am last Friday, prepared breakfast, get my kindergärtner ready and we walked her down to school. It's funny to see that my daughter was so calm in going to school but the Mom is so nervous. So nervous that I forgot to check my camera, I just put it in my purse without looking if its complete wahhh. I forgot that I downloaded the photos in my CPU last night and forgot to put the memory disk back. So I wasn't able to take pictures of her in the classroom (I hate when that happens)

Anyhow, as we went back here at home, I was nauseated. I was full of mixed emotion, I feel like I have to cry but I couldn't hahaha. What a weirdo I am. I am the one feeling the separation anxiety not my daughter, oh boy. I am so glad that my daughter is very independent not like me who is always scared of new beginning. I think that my son would be like me but I hope not.
Luckily I was able to take pictures when Rylie got out from school with some of her classmates and hear teacher. So that was my nerve-wracking experience this morning lol. Before I end this post, I would like to greet the lovely people who are celebrating their birthdays this month. First is my dear friend Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration who is celebrating her special day today! Happy Bday sissy, may God Bless you with more blessings, good health, and happiness.

Also celebrating their birthdays this month are my two sisters Rebecca which birthday falls tomorrow. My sister Lyn is on the 27th and her daughter Justine will be on the 2rd. Happy birthday guys, I miss you all so much! May your wishes come true!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Registration Day

We were so busy today, whew! We woke up early because we went to school and register our kindergärtner princess. The tuition fee cost was $2050.00, arrrghhh. We paid it off because we don't want to deal with the monthly payment and besides we set aside the money for that so we don't want to spend it for other things. It's a little expensive but hubby and I think that it's all worth it since the school is a very nice community for our kids where family values are prioritized.
After registration, we went to Rylie's classroom where we met her teacher. Mrs. Runkel showed Rylie around. It is pretty neat how they do it here. The teacher prepared some welcome stuff for the kids with their name tags on it. Since we call our daughter by her middle name, the teacher will have to change the Jillian names to Rylie lol, sorry about that Ma'am Precy. That's what Rylie got which our sweet tooth little boy gladly took lol.
She also gave us some infos about the class and other things that we need to know. After that, we went to Hannover Park because one f the kindergarten parents set up a parents-students meet up which is very nice because we got to familiarize ourselves with each other.
The kids had so much fun with the other kids, will post about it later. Then we will go to the uniform place tomorrow. The parents decided that the kids will wear a uniform on Mondays and Thursday. Kindergarten are not reqired to wear a uniform but some suggested that it would be good if they get accustom to wearing one. So let's see. For now, I gotta hit the bed because I have to wake early again tomorrow wahhhh.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lovin' it!

Oh thank God, we made it through the first day of school hahaha. I thought I will have a heart attack that day lol. Our daughter is so ready to school. She loves it!

Time flies really! We got home at 8:10 from my FIL, ironed my dear darling daughter's uniform, put the kids the bed and whew it is already 7 minutes to ten. I feel like time is cheating on me lol. Anyhow, this was taken last Friday when we fetched our daughter from her first day in school. Tomorrow will actually be the official first day and I am not as stressed out compared to what I felt last week lol. I just have to update my blog before I go to bed. Yes, I have to go to bed early too as I have to get up at 6. For those who keep visiting my blog, I greatly appreciate your visits. I apologize if I am not around as much as I could.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Know You want Something

I can tell when my husband want to buy something because he voluntarily cooks, wash dishes, and does most of the things that I normally do hehehehe. I can sense it immediately so if my answer to his "want" is no, I would say "Don't ask coz the answer is no" lol. Am I mean? No! I am always practical when it comes to things so if I know that we can live without it, my answer is NO. Just like when he saw that pop-up camper for sale in my FIL's neighborhood, he keep hinting so I said "don't bother asking me coz we don't need it."

For our anniversary though, I gave in to what he wanted and let him bought it. I'll make separate post about it. My husband is never strict to me when it comes to finances. He even asks me if it's time to send money to my family in the Philippines. It is very hard for me to ask him sometimes but he can tell if something is bothering me. Do you want to share something about your experience of being married? Join us in Couple's corner through clicking the link below.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Champ got Injured

Our poor little Champ got injured last Tuesday morning. He fell in our patio porch and broke his lower bone on his left leg. I feel so bad because the once full of life aka super hyper dog is now just sitting in one corner in pain.
The vet said that he might heal in 4-6 weeks so he has to wear this cast/splint. On the first day, he was in agony and couldn't move. Now he can drag his leg and walk around a little bit.
I prays that he heals so soon because it is causing me pain seeing him suffer, he is like one of my kids.

Thanks Rye for taking care of Champ.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

CSN Stores has it ALL!

I'm sure if you are a regular reader of my blogs, you have seen or read my post about this pretty set of plates with caddy iron stand that my very good friend Dhemz has given me. She bought this from CSN out of the prize that she got from a giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores. CSN has over 200 stores listed in their site so whatever you are looking for, you can find it there. I think I am getting addicted to browsing their selection of beautiful products. What I like about them is that, most of the products will be shipped for free to Canada and US, a great savings you could get for shipping cost.

I have posted about the New Stand Mixer that I got for free from CSN at my Kitchen blog. My husband love to bake sweets so he is enjoying this baby so much. I also mentioned in my post that my next project would be a mailbox because the old one that we got is all tore up. Some kid punks stole the flag and it is rotten old as it was the mailbox of the former owner of the house when we bought it.

I tell you, CSN has the most fast shipping that I have experience with my online shopping. We ordered this mailbox on August 1 and the next day, they notify me that they already shipped the item. It's the same way with the mixer too. My husband was really surprised when he saw the mailbox because he was expecting less of a quality but it was a pretty heavy duty one. His words were " I am impressed"!.
I got the mailbox for almost free too plus a free shipping offer, ain't that awesome? I am very thankful to CSN for helping me out get the stuff I need for less. Anyhow, hubby made a wooden post for it so we won't have to buy one. Post cost more than a hundred bucks (the fancy one) so we just decided for him to make one out of wood which was available in our garage. You have to make ways to save you know. Above was the unpainted wooden post. I planted some plants around it and it looks real nice. Way better than the old rotten one that we had.

This is it how it looks now (above photo). My husband is now painting the numbers that my SIL (thanks Chris) made to be put in the post. Over all, I am a satisfied customer of CSN Stores. Try to visit the site folks, they have such a nice listing of stuff from their stores and great deals on it too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dealing with Attitude

One attitude that really get into our nerves is when our daughter want to torture her brother. I don't mean physical torture but she likes to do things that would make him mad which is always ends up in crying. I think it's normal for siblings as I remember my late brother used to do that to me.

Anyhow, last Sunday after we went to church, we visited my FIL but as soon as we got there, our lil' girl started aggravating the little one. Hubby wasn't in the mood to deal with it so he told us that we we were going home. The lil' girl was put in time out when we got home. I felt bad because she didn't get tpo spend time with her Pap so I consoled her a little bit.

We took some pictures together and I talked to her about dealing with her attitude. She understood why we do stuff like that and she apologized. How about you, how do you deal with your child's attitude issue.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dancing with the Butterfly

These are some shots that I took when I visited my SIL the other day. She has so many butterflies in her butterfly bush but I concentrated on this one to get the sky on the photo. Hope you guys like it because it was a little bit challenging taking those shots while holding my baby partner with me. Here she goes saying "lemme do it" lol.
Happy sky watching everyone.