Monday, May 23, 2016

There is Always Sunshine After the Rain

Hubby and I are working so hard to have  our house  project done but it's been a long process.  Never again we will refinish floors by ourselves lol.  But it is a learning process and I love it that we get to work on projects at our second home.  I think it would be worth all the  body pain and sweat when it's done, we will see.  We still have last process to do and that's the applying the poly on the stained wood and that would be it.  We are behind our schedules of moving but  it's none of our control.  We might move in on the first week of  June, we will see.  
 Having said all those busy  schedules, we haven't had the chance to visit my father-in-law after our last.  The rain was pouring hard when we last went to Gables Care Center where Dad is staying.  It was scary  because we couldn't see  the road, I even asked my husband to stop on the side of the road because I was  terrified.  We even had hail  that day!  Thank God we arrived safely and we were greeted by  Dad's smile when we came in.
 They came  equipped this time, they brought some piano books so they could play more songs to the old folks at Gables Care Center.
 It was dinner time when we came and it was nice to see how they all get together and eat at the same time.  Dad said that their food is really good and that he loves eating with his friends.
When they got done eating, they gather around again and  watch the kids play the piano.
 I found out yesterday through my niece's Facebook page that Dad was brought to the hospital.  We were always at the new house working so we missed all   phone calls, if there's no message left for us then we assume it isn't an emergency.  According to  our niece, Dad is suppose to have a cat scan on his brain and  have other tests too.  We are planning to visit him tonight when my husband comes back from work and  see what's going on.
 It was a nice visit  once again and glad that Dad like it there.  I hope that  he can recover  quickly so he doesn't have to sit in the hospital.  With all the crazy schedule that  my husband and I have, we hardly have time to really sit and relax but I  have to remind myself that there is always  sunshine after the rain so  hopefully all our hard work  is worth it.  

Monday, May 2, 2016

5 Hydration Facts To Enhance Your Life

You've heard that hydration is important, but just how important is it to stay hydrated during the day? Those who lead athletic lifestyles are more prone to dehydration, yet it remains an issue among athletes. Here are five compelling hydration facts to help you out.

#1: You can hydrate with more than just water.

Foods are also a good source of hydration. Consider these edible water sources: 
  • Oatmeal: 84% water. 
  • Low-fat milk: 90% water. 
  • Lettuce: 96% percent water. 
  • Tomato: 95% water. 
  • Broccoli: 89% water. 
It's a good idea to vary your liquid intake among different sources. Vling hydration mixers available at are designed to be a good source of hydration at any time of the day.

#2: You need water for proper digestion.

Water is very important for your body to fully digest the food you eat. It's necessary to moisten and break down the food with saliva, further break it down gastrointestinal secretions, and transport nutrients to your entire body via the bloodstream.

#3: Your body can't function without water.

Aside from contributing to digestion problems, a lack of hydration can cause your body to shut down completely. Every process in your body requires water, including waste elimination, muscle growth, and wound healing. In fact, you're made up of at least 75% of it.

#4: Sweating causes you to lose water on the inside and outside of your cells

Did you know that the water on the outside of your cells contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium? electrolytes help your body to retain a healthy amount of water. When you lose them, your body loses its ability to retain water. This is why it's a good idea to drink an electrolyte-rich source of liquid if you live an active lifestyle.

#5: A high amount of certain chemicals in the blood triggers thirst

When exercising, your body loses water in the form of sweat. When it loses enough water, certain chemicals in the blood become concentrated. When the concentration is high enough, your body signals that you need to take in more water.

Staying hydrated is important in more ways than one. Make sure that you get enough water each day to support your active lifestyle.