Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Sunday with a Friend

Happy Monday everyone, how's your weekend? As I have mentioned in my other blog, our Korean friend Amy was visiting on weekend. She brought some presents for the kids, thanks Amy. You made our weekend extra special, we miss having you at home hehehe. I am happy for you for having a good employment. You can visit us anytime, just email or call us okay? Amy is very tall, I look like a kid hahaha.. On our way to get Amy at the gate. We did not do some cooking, my husband and I were both LZ lol. We just bought a pizza for us to snack in. Amy played with EJ and Rylie, they missed her a lot. She has a polaroid camera with her so we took some pictures.. Have a blessed and great week ahead friends and thanks for dropping by!

EJ's Milestone

In just two months, our son's growth and development is leaping like a frog. He went from knowing just a few words to very talkative, now he can talk clearly and communicating is not a problem anymore. I love it during bed time because he would ask for a hug and a kiss and will say "d'night Mama, la'yo!" It just tickles my heart. Then last Thursday, I encouraged him to try pedaling his bike and he successfully did it. Just last month, his feet are still a little bit short but now, he can do it with ease. I am so proud of you Anak! He is also willing to potty trained now although he really succeeded but I am happy because I know that it is a great beginning for him to learn. Okay EJ, grunt!