Monday, August 27, 2012

Sacred Heart of Mary

Me, the kids, and Mrs. Fancher went to Sacred Heart of Mary last Friday. They had a garage sale inside the church.  (I find it weird having a garage sale inside the church as I believe selling stuff near God's home is  against the Bible, or maybe I just misinterpreted  what the Bible say).  
Anyhow, the lady  who was managing the  sale  saw Mr. Burrito trying on the Junior Firefighter hat so she gave it to him for free.
Having fun with Lola Ruth.
Looking at stuff, asking  questions and all lol.
I only bought a couple of items.  I like this Benihana flower vase from Peru.  It was only  a buck.  It's perfect for my fresh roses.  A friend shared a link about an exact vase, they call it Vintage BENIHANA of TOKYO RED FLOWER SAFFLOWER VASE.
I got this unique picture frame for a a buck as well.
I am making myself as busy as I can  to fight  this feeling of  loneliness  without my kids at home.   I did not  imagine missing  my son's loud voice but I do! 

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