Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

2018 was a fun year for us and we did a lot of things with our kids.  I can't believe it is now 2019, time really flies!  We had a relaxing Christmas at home.  We attended a Christmas Eve mass and then went to bed early.  Even though the kids are 13 and 11, they are still excited for the Christmas morning to open some gifts.
I miss seeing the Christmas pageant  that the kids at St. Joseph School used to do but this year, there is none.  Our former  music teacher  is no longer teaching music and we have a new one.
Our daughter served at the altar and our son was part of the choir.
Aside from piano, our daughter also plays violin so we got her this music note stand which she can also use as an easel.  She love to paint so this is a double purpose thing she can use.  I also prepared a box full of girly stuff for her to use ie; lotion, hand cream, snacks, undies, etc.
Our son love watching the  series "Attack on Titans" and he wanted a shirt that has his favorite characters in it so we  got him a couple of long sleeves shirts.
We also got him a new pair of shoes.  We got my husband  a weight lifting belt, shoes,  knee sleeves and  other  fitness gears, that's all he wanted.
They got me a pair of Steve Madden purse and wallet.
We spent our first two days of 2019  putting away Christmas Decors.  The weather has been very nice for the last couple of days so we took advantage of it while it is not freezing outside.  Today, I was able to run outdoors which was great.