Thursday, November 4, 2010

It comes in all Shapes

Happiness to children comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be just a teeny weeny thing and yet it makes them crack up.  I don't believe in giving everything to a child will make them happy.  Even though you fill their room with expensive toys,  they won't be totally happy because they still need our TLC.  TLC comes in  different  measures too, some give  a lot and some just a little.
You can  see the happiness of the children in their eyes, their smiles and the way they interact with people.  They are real because they don't   lie when it comes to expressing how they feel.  So let's give our children a lotta love everyday, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.  It might not matter to you but spending a lot of time with them  matters  and   bring a huge impact to their development. 


Dad has a squirrel pet that comes and visit him everyday in his front porch.  He bought a big bag of peanut and  has been feeding him since.  He calls him Grinny because he is always grinning lol.. Mr. Grinny is spoiled already because he does not want to eat other nuts but peanut.  


Daughter's creativity is expanding each day.  We went to visit  Dad the other week and she did the wreath above.  She cut out  the middle part of the  paper plate and then  picked some leaves and flower  outside, then she glued it  around.  Poor Dad, he was forced to display it in his door lol..

Pumpkin Seeds

Those are the pumpkin  seeds that I cleaned up after gutting out the pumpkins.  I dried and roasted them and it was a good snack while watching TV.  Did you ever try roasting the pumpkin seeds.


Our daughter is part of a Christmas play next month in school. She was chosen to do a solo part in singing. She was  so stuffy but it did not bother her.  I was laughing when she first brought the lyrics home because she was so excited in practicing, below is the video of it. She still need a lot of practice to do lol..