Saturday, March 13, 2010

Champ & Chelsea

This is how our two pets acted when they first met. Chelsea viciously attacked poor Champ but of course our little man didn't surrender, he stood his ground hehehe. I guess it's a way of establishing dominance for the dogs. I am no expert about animal so if you know better, you can share it here.
But anyhow, after a day or two, they love each other already. Chelsea was in heat when we brought her home so we put her on a leash so she wouldn't spread out her blood on the carpet. I guess the circumstances somehow taught Champ to be a man .. kind of lol.
I mentioned on my post last week that something had happened to Chelsea. My daughter tried to brought her out on her leash just so she can do her business but she took off and Champ followed her. I tried to trace where they went but I only found Champ. My husband went out and search the neighborhood but he didn't find her either. We though for sure that she was gone, after 5 days a good Samaritan brought her back. Thank you sir for taking time to find Chelsea's home!