Monday, May 25, 2009

Moments with Pap

The theme for this Friday's Mommy Moment is Grandparents bonding. Our kids had a lot of sweet moments with their Pap back home that is why Rylie is so close to Dad. She is Pap's partner when he is brewing coffee, a duo in sweeping the yard, and even doing dishes. She misses all of those times that she and Pap can bond together.Here's Rye helping Dad clean up the dishes.
Having a short walk in the neighborhood. Take her for ride in her stroller during winter times. A team in watching TV. Dad even attended EJ's baptism, which shocked all of us because he really is not a church goer. Pap is the cushion when they are sleepy. And a tour guide during adventures. I must have deleted accidentally the folder where Mama had moments with our kids wahhhh..