Thursday, October 28, 2021

Covid Vaccine Mandate Sucks!

My husband has been stressing out about this vaccine mandate.   We thought that we won’t ever had to get it.   I’m not against vaccine but this covid vaccine didn’t really have the amount of time it needed to be properly tested.   Reading some of the side effects that vaccinated people are getting, it’s scary and some even died from it.   

Since it has been mandated, my husband don’t really have a choice but to get it if he wants to keep his job.  With the amount of time, the company gave them to be vaccinated, he didn’t have enough time to look for another job. So yesterday, he got his first dose of the Pfizer.  Now, he is so sick, just like when he got the virus plus his arm where the vaccine was injected is so sore.  I feel bad for him.  This vaccine mandate really sucks.   I don’t understand why this is being shoved down our necks.   Vaccinated people can still get sick so what’s the point really.  I hope that this doesn’t last very long.  He just got over the virus and now this.

UPDATE: January 2022
 The company lost a lot of valuable employees over this vaccine mandate so they lifted the requirement and doesn't require it now.  Hubby regretted getting it but it was for security reason of not losing his job.  I'm glad he only got the first dose though.