Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joyful Pingpong Moments

During the fourth of July party at my BIL's residence, I played pingpong against my SIL Jill, I had so much fun! 
Then on Labor Day party (same residence), I played against my FIL.
I felt bad though because my FIL did not have his eye glasses so he couldn't really see the ball.
I remember when I first arrived here in the States , I was seven months  pregnant with my  baby, they taught me how to play horseshoe game.
Imagine how I looked like pitching a horseshoe with my big belly lol.  I had so much fun though.  It's one of the many things I love about my husband's family, they are all fun-loving.  They're very easy to be with so I have never had any  difficulty blending in.
This is me  when I play, whenever  I am pressured, I just laugh my  heart out.
The Burritos played too.
 They used chairs because the height of the table is too tall lol.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids Playing Chess

Our six year old daughter is getting good in playing chess. She can play good game against my husband. She is also teaching our son how to play.
She tried to teach me but I am not into chess really lol.  Good thing, she is like my husband who  ca play chess unlike me.
Mr. Burrito is not really interested in playing chess but they agreed that if he would  play chess with her, they would play superheroes later on.
 Sometimes, when I listen to my kids I laugh because  they talk to each other like adults.

Wishing y'all a  great week ahead.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."
Our sky looked like that last weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stained Glass

The photos below were taken last Sunday at Church. We went earlier so I got the chance to take some shots of the stained glass while there's not much people there yet.
 There were also other Fil-Am kids there so I took p a couple of shots of them  after the mass was over.
Wishing you a productive week ahead. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bonding with Nature on Weekend

Just like my husband and I, our children also loves nature. We went to Tomlinson Run last Saturday, we had fun chasing each other and watching the geese.
They were hoping that they would see the mallard duck once again but it seems that she's not around anymore.
They brought some slice of bread to feed to the duck but since she's not there anymore, they gave it to the geese.
Giving the kids the opportunity to explore the nature is awesome. It's not only enjoyable and educational,  but it is also a special bonding between the parents and children.

Red Envelope's Gift Ideas

floating desktop globeIf you want to make your boyfriend's Christmas extra special this year, you should check out the christmas gifts for boyfriend 2011 ideas over at Red Envelope.  They have different  assortment of different kinds of   gifts that the super man of your life will love.  I browsed their selection and love this floating desktop globe.  Believe it or not but I ordered one for my husband.  I think he will like it as anniversary gift.  Sssshhhh.

Their customer care service  is great.  I found a  coupon link  at their  Facebook Wall but when I tried to  click it, it did not work, so I ade a comment about it.  I made  my order anyway even without it because I like the product.  Well, they fix the  link but it's too late I already  ordered.  Guess what they did?  They sent me a rebate/refund of what  could I have saved if I could have used the coupon.  Isn't that  awesome!  I highly recommend them!

Loyal Companion

Our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ, is my loyal companion when I am doing laundry at the basement and when I am gardening outside.
Sometimes, I would scold him for always throwing the ball at me.  He want me to stop and play with him hahaha.  
Even when it's raining already, he wouldn't leave me.  That's how loyal  my Champaroo is.
Sometimes I'd like to think that  dogs are more loyal than human.  What do you think?
Have a lovely day everyone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The World of Animals

After  our exciting tour  and rough ride  exploring the Kilamanjari Safari, we  decided to  go to Pangani Forest.  We went inside the World of animals, we enjoyed the   cool  temp inside while learning different kinds of critters.
These are painted on the wall.
 A world in conflict.. lol.  Peace hon!
Come on guys, smile, the critters is not gonna hurt you hehehe.  They were so serious and I got the impression that they were worried  that  animals will jump down somewhere lol..
I am so glad that this  part of Animal Kingdom attraction don't have a lot of people where you have to move inch by inch to get through unlike the other attractions
.I am not really sure if this little guy is an iguana but most of the kids were fascinated as  the lady  tell them facts about the critters.  

Refreshment from Lickity Split

We went for a walk a cuple f days at my FIL's neighborhood. Our Burritos rode their bike and then we dropped by at Lickity Split to buy some refreshments.
Ms. Burrito had  watermelon slush puppie smoothie float.  It's funny, Mr. Burrito said he did not want any but I know how he is, I ordered him a cherry flavor of spsf and sure enough, he liked it.
Hubby had a strawberry milkshake.
We sat at their outside lounge so I took photo of this planter full of flowers.
While waiting for my husband's milkshake.
Thanks for dropping by!