Monday, January 16, 2012

Live, Laugh, and Love

Live healthier, laugh more often, and love the people who cares about you, that's our New Year's Goal.
The photos were taken after we  attended the  evening  mass during Christmas  eve.  The kids were in the mood for some grooves and  wanted to entertain Daddy!
While we are waiting for the new year, we are munching on the veggies I cut up, a healthy way to   welcome the  year of the Dragon.
Best wishes  to all of us  for the year of the Dragon!

Youngest Sister

Of all my siblings, my youngest sister  is the only one with a different letter as a start for a given name. My parents picked the first letter of my father's name which is R,  so all of us 8,  have names that starts with letter R. When my mother got pregnant at 40, I suggested to break the tradition and  I suggested  a different name.    It's  an out of this world name and you probably never  heard of it before but it's unique and no one has it but her lol.  Her name is Zilreen Mae.
Hubby and I are trying our best to support her  finances in school.  She is now on her Junior year of her Elementary Education course.  She is working as student assistant in school.  She was first assigned at Elementary department but now transferred to the President's Office in the college department.  I wish you all the best my dearest sis.

Traveling With Kids, the Easy Way

Traveling with kids is a challenge but if you  are equipped with things that they can do during the travel, it's alright.  We bought our daughter  one of the kids luggage when we were still overseas so whenever we travel, I use it to put  their stuff like crayons,  drawing book, and other stuff.  Above is a photo of our son carrying the kid's luggage when we went to Disney World last year.