Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making A Shaving Kit

If you're a man who wants to grow a beard, there are a few essentials that you might need in order to maintain the look and keep the beard from looking ragged. There are also items aside from beard grooming products that would make shaving in general a little easier.
The first thing that you need to get for the kit is a razor. There are razors with two blades and three blades. Some of them have a single blade, but they don't offer the protection for the skin that a multi-blade razor would offer. After you find the right razor for the beard or mustache that you want to shave, you need to get a cream to apply to the face so that it's easier to remove as much hair as possible. A cream will make the hair on the face soft. When the hair is wet, it will be easier to take the razor through the hair, getting to the skin on the face instead of trying to shave hair that might be coarse. You can use only water to shave with, but you won't get the softness that a cream would offer. An after shave can be applied to the skin after the hair is gone to help prevent a rash from developing and to keep the skin soft.

A shaving brush is something else to consider adding to your kit. It can be used to apply cream to the face or to wipe off excess hair after you have shaved. If you have sensitive skin, then it might be best to use a product that will prepare the skin for the razor. If you don't want to shave the entire beard, you will need the tools to keep it trimmed. An electric trimmer is ideal for those who don't want to spend a lot of time cutting hair. However, if you want a precise look, then a beard comb and a small pair of scissors are something to consider adding to your kit. A small bag can be used to keep the items in so that you don't lose them.