Monday, December 12, 2011

Sarri's Candies Delivery

We picked up the Sarri's candies that we have ordered from Ms. Burrito's school fund raising. We bagged them and delivered some of it yesterday.
While waiting for our neighbor to open the door, I took some snaps of my burritos.  Ms. Burrito  was carrying the candy while Mr. Burrito was  handing  out the  Christmas card.
The Burritos were excited about delivering those candies as they got to visit our neighbors.

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Samsung Galaxy Captivate

After  so much thought, hubby and I decided to finally get a set of cellphone.   His  contract to Verizon has ended last month so we switched to  AT&T and got us both a new unit.   We only paid .99 cents  for each with a  2 year contract plan.  We were thinking of getting the  prepaid ones but we decided to just go with a plan.
 Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Captivate and he got the HTC Freestyle.  Both are wifi enabled  so we can actually  check  email and browse online everywhere we go.  I was going to get an iPhone but decided to  get the captivate because I don't have to pay for other apps, it's all included in one package unlike the iPhone.  Our plan includes UNLIMITED call and text within the US so if you want to be my textmate, contact me hahaha.  Am just kidding folks.
I have a lot to thank God this year.  Thanks to Santa for being so generous..

Decorating at Pap's and Winner of the Giveaway

Drum roll please.... and the lucky winner of the $50 worth of digital scrapbook software is entrant # 3. Congratulation Seow Wei!  Please email me (just look at my email addy through my profile) so I can send you  the prize code.
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After we attended mass last Sunday, my daughter and I  put up my FIL's Christmas tree.  I did not use my red garland this year so I   brought it there and use it to  add color to the white tree..
Thanks sweet kiddos for all your help.
Have a great weekend everyone!