Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sled Riding is Fun

The day after Christmas, we visited  Dad and sled ride at the side of his yard while the snow was a little bi thick.

My daughter and I usually   quit first but the little one will stay outsidfe with his Dad till his  feet and hands gets numb and cheeks are pink  lol.
Below is a short video that hubby recorded.

Winter Blues

We don't have much snow compared to what we had last year but the temperature is the same. The part that I don't like is when it's windy because the wind feels like it is cutting through your skin. Outdoor fun is very limited during this time of the year. My husband and kids are always on the go but I really don't feel like going out all the time as I always catch a cold. Just like now, my nose is bleeding because of the bad cold that I got.

I'd rather stay at home and browse a surf shop directory.  At least, traveling online is fun plus you will discover  giveaways such as the Colorado trip giveaways.  I know I have mentioned that  I'd rather stay inside but when you are talking about adventure trip such as this, it  is worth it.