Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spirit of Giving

The kids wanted to get us some presents out f the money they have saved from their piggy banks so we brought them at the Robinson Mall, a couple of days before Christmas.  Before we  went to the store, we   let them play first at the germ pit (that's what  my husband called the play area lol).  I make sure that I  always bring   hand sanitizers when we  go out the house so the kids can   clean their hands after  playing.
Hey had  a funb time playing with other kids.
After they played, we went shopping and then we ate  lunch at the food court.  It was a nice day for all of us.  I'll post the presents they got us later.  I am glad that  our kids  already knows the spirit of giving at  their young ages.
May all of us have a prosperous new year!  share your favorite color with me through Color Connection every Friday!