Sunday, June 1, 2008

Green Beans!

Hello world, welcome to my blog. A friend encouraged me to blog as a way of sharing my thoughts to others. So here I am.

Just the other night, at two o'clock in the morning my daughter's cry woke me up. I hurried up to her room and asked "what's wrong baby?" and she said "I wanna eat". I said "what do you wanna eat?" "Green beans" she replied. So we went to the kitchen and opened a can of green beans and warmed it up. And believe me she really ate a good bit. After brushing her teeth, we both went back to bed. And then at 4:28 am she woke up again and asked the same.

Isn't it weird that a 3 year old little girl would want to eat that kind of food early in the morning? Ever since my daughter started eating baby food, she really preferred eating pureed veggies and fruits over other variety. Even now she still prefers to eat fruits and veggies over other food that a normal kid her age would ask to eat.

It is very important that in baby's early age they learn how to eat healthy. It helps them grow active and smart.


Today is the first day of June, today marks my very first day of trying to post something for this blog. As you can see in the date, I started blogging in June 1, 2008. It's been three years and I am glad I have tried because I got to meet wonderful people like YOU!