Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Heart Attack"

After we ate breakfast today, my husband decided to check out our mail at the post office with our kids while I was busy filing our papers. When they came back, he decided to wash the car and drove the kids to the car wash inside the base. After that, when he came home he said "Please get the kids at the car hon, I think I am having a heart attack!" He was walking like he was gonna fall. I froze, "should I get the kids or assist my husband?" But it was so hot outside so I ran out to the car and get our kids. When we came back inside the house, he was talking to the doctor and he did not look too good. He went to the hospital inside the base to meet the doctor. I am scared to death in here waiting for him. I called after 30 minutes or so, no answer, I called again after an hour, still no answer. So I decided to go in the hospital and check on him but he wasn't there. Can you imagine how terrified I am? My knees are shaking and my heart is thumping so hard. When I came back home, the doctor left me a message, so I called back. He said that my husband is in Samsung Hospital (out of town hospital). He said that my husband is still in a lot of pain but a little bit better. He will be having a CT scan and find out what is happening to him. I am asking your sincere prayer, please help me pray for my husband... I won't be able to take this if something happen to him. Lord, I know that You are there always when we need You! Please don't let anything bad happen to my husband. Not him please?! I trust in you Lord!