Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Joy that pets bring

Having a pet is like having children, it's an continuous expense added to your monthly budget. But the joy that they bring to you or family is worth the price. Here are some joyful moments with our pets.

Our daughter love to cuddle Champ and she like dressing up Chelsea.

Pets are a form of therapy to adults too.
Have a great week everyone!

Artist in the Making

It's amazing how in early age, you can already see the different interest in your kids. Our daughter love arts and crafts. She love to draw and design stuff. She told us one day that she wans to be a fashion designer, and then the next day she wants to be a nurse, and the next different again. Although she isn't consistent with what she really wants, I am happy because in her young mind she is already thinking of the future. She can show her arts in different ways such as the one in the photo. She peeled the clementine with a heart shape. Can you see it?

She was so proud of that.. and I am too!

I will share to you her drawings of dress designs next time, I still have to upload the photos. Meanwhile this Clementine is my entry to: