Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Little Equestrians

Do you  love riding  a horse?  My kids does, if only we have a horse of our own hehehe.    They love to ride a horse every chance they get.  It's nice that they have this attraction at Janoski's Farm because they get to enjoy riding the horse for one round  inside the  fenced  area at the farm.  With the help of the  guide  administering the  ride, they get to experience  being equestrians for a brief moment.
A set of field boots for riding could have  completed the looks of my little horse riders.  I found some cool looking ariat challenge field boot and ariat equestrian boots at Manhattan  Saddlery website.  This website  provides everything for the horse and riders.  Riding boots  play a big part   in order to have a  comfortable and safe ride.  You can find different   kinds of boots at the above mentioned  company.