Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Berries

These small berries adds delight to  someone's eyes  when  all the plants from the garden are dead.  They shine so bright and  alive especially on the presence of snow.  
Unfortunately, this berries  does not eliminate my migraine headaches.  I have this excruciating  migraine headache since this morning  and it just won't leave me alone.  I do however  some task to finish so I am trying to blog  wahhh.

Musical Snow Globes

My FIL gave this snow globe to Ms. Burrito yesterday. She's so happy because both of them love Mickey Mouse show. 
This is from my FIL too, he gave this to my daughter when we were about to  transfer to our own home about 5 years ago.
So now  both  kids have snow globe at home from Pap.  Thanks Dad, you're the best!
This is my entry to Ms. Sally's Blue Monday. Thanks for  visiting and for leaving your thoughts  everyone.  Sorry, I wasn't able to visit today.  We had a company at home so I got busy.