Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Love You Momma!

When I was 29 years old and still not married.. and no boyfriend lol... my dreams of having my own children was falling apart. But God is so great that He gave me a great blessing to be a Mom to two loving kids.
On the night before Mother's Day, my daughter was very busy doing something and she asked me if she could use some aluminum foil for the art project that she was doing. I asked her what she was doing but she told me that it's a secret. When she got done, she handed me these flowers made from art paper and she used the alum. foil as stems. She also made me a card but I couldn't find it now (So sorry Rye), I will look for it though.
Then her and Daddy went to the store the night before Mom's day and she bought a card for me. It took 30 minutes for EJ to write his name lol.
I love you so much kids. I am grateful to be your Mom!
Before they went to the store, I instructed hubby not to buy me any flowers as it is very expensive. But when they returned, Rylie handed me this three red rose. I looked into my husband's eyes and he immediately told me that Rylie insisted to buy these (good thing the flowers was on the reduced price lol).
Thank you Lord that you gave me an great opportunity to be a Mother!
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