Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thanks for everything Mama!

I grew up adoring my Mother for her tender love and care for us. She and my Father raised their nine children with great love and pride. They did not give up on each other despite of life's challenges. Mama taught me to do household chores at a very young age because I was the eldest daughter among her kids. I am always fond of the memories of me and Mama doing our laundry in the river nearby our house. I would always remember that precious moment that we did together as I was growing up. I think what made that bonding so special is that, nobody does their laundry in the river anymore in this modern day.

This Mother's day, I would like to make her feel extra special by sending her flowers. It is not impossible to buy flowers online and deliver it to the very special someone in your life, especially your one and only MOM! I don't think Mama receive any flower from us yet, so this will be a very special one for her and I want to surprise her with something different and lovely this time. To you Mama, I hope that through the flowers that I will send you, you would be able to feel how much I love and miss you! May God always take care of you so that we will have more time to be together with your grandchildren. We may not have the luxurious materials in the world, but your love and compassion will remain in my heart forever, I love you!


I found a suman from the commisary the other day and I thought of trying it. Suman is a type of dessert in the Philippines that is made from cassava. I thought it won't be good but I was surprised that it was. It's my daughter's first time of trying suman but she ate two rolls of it. Even EJ ate some although he wasn't very fond of it. One pack has four rolls and it only cost $.66, not so bad at all.. Here's my daughter's facial expressionswhile eating it hehehe.. She just woke up when I offered it to her.