Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Citizenship Interview

It was November the 14th when I had my interview at the USCIS in Pittsburgh.  We asked our children's teachers for them to be excused that day because we had to leave early as my appointment was 9 in the morning.   We did not want to be stuck in the traffic so we left  right around 7  in the morning. 

We arrived  1 and half hours early but glad that we did because it gave me time to calm my nerves.  I was nervous, I am not gonna lie.  I am not good with interviews, in fact I hate  going through an interview.  

The  place where I had my interview was different than the place where I did my  biometrics last September 4th.  

Thanks to God for giving me  the clear mind, I passed the written, reading, and  oral interview.   Now the USCIS officer  told me that the tentative date for the oat h taking ceremony is December 20th and that they would send me the letter to when and where it was going to be held.  Up until now, I haven't received the  letter which is   making me  worried.  But it says on the  paper that he gave me that the USCIS will have 120 days to decide whether they will approved my application or not.  So,  passing the  interview  does not guarantee that I will be granted the citizenship that I applied for.  

I am keeping my fingers crossed  and praying that they would grant my application.  I am tired of being the  only alien in the family hehehe.