Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonding with Pap

We always proceed  to my FIL's home every Sunday after attending church.
I hope that  Dad is not  getting tired of having us as we go there almost everyday.  The kids love their Pap so they want to see him everyday if possible.
Photos were taken last week.  Since the kids and FIL were wearing blue, this would be a perfect entry for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday.

BB on Her Tummy

Bumble Bee can  hold her head up pretty well now when she is laying on her tummy.  She is growing up so fast, every week that she stays with us, I find it amazing that her clothes are getting smaller  each time.

Paper and Glue

 The two men in our household is like paper and glue.  Whenever hubby is at home, Mr. Burrito wouldn't stop   bugging him to play or wrestle with him.  Even when my husband is doing his push ups, Mr. Burrito would  ride on his back lol.  Strong hands for PhotoHunters.
My kids really love their Dad so much.  Sometimes I feel like they love their Dad more than me lol.  But it is okay and I am so proud of my hyusband for being such a loving father to them!