Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Google Friend Connect, Google Page Rank, and Blogging

I would like to thank to all the wonderful people who are spending time to  read my blogs and  for sharing their  valuable thoughts all the time.  Today, the GFC follower of this blog hit the four digit, yay!  Thanks everyone.  

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On the other note, Google  decided to take away  this blog's page ranking the other day, what a bummer.  Oh well, I guess I just have to work on it a little harder again to gain it back.

Next month will mark my 3 years of blogging. I started blogging on June 1st, 2008. Would you like to see my very first post, mouse over the link and see.

Let's get  connected through GFC, follow my blogs and I'll follow yours.  This is just a quick  post before we hit the road.  The weather is getting warm so our car is going to be a hot rod once again.  I am leaving you with this beautiful message I saw at the park.