Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Bible Study

Hello there folks, how is your Monday so far? I am sleepy over here, I did not sleep good last night because of a separation anxiety. We enrolled our daughter to a Vacation Bible Study for a week which started today. The activities will be carried out in another city so I am having a little difficulty accepting the fact that my little girl is getting big and that she is ready to face other challenges without me wahhhhhh. But I know that it is for her own good, emotionally, socially and spiritually so I just have to deal with it. But anyhow, I woke up early today, prepared her lunch box, gave her a bath and hubby took her to the chapel where the rest of the kids will convene. The lady (thanks Ms. Luisa) who is in charge of their activities today was very kind to call me and let me talked to my daughter. Rylie said that she is having so much fun with the activities they are doing, I just hang up the phone. She did that she will definitely finish the course for the week. Is it just me or you feel the same way with your children?