Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Our wedding Rings

Wedding is a precious moment, a beautiful thing, a major step into  building a  strong married life.  It is something that each couple should value and cherish everyday.  

"Through thick and thin, In sickness and in Health...." Oftentimes said, but how many couples do really live to  it's meaning?

It's sad that sometimes, no matter what the promises being said during the wedding day, a couple ends up parting ways.
Our wedding photo
A dear friend of mine gave me a  book called "The Four Gifts of Love" by Willard  F. Harley, Jr.  It focuses on the four key factors in making your marriage  strong and successful.  These four gifts includes care, protection, honesty , and time.  Reading a book like this makes you understand more what it takes to have a long lasting relationship.  Sometimes, even if  we love a person, we sometime neglect  to tell and show them how much we care and how we appreciate each things that they do for us.  

On the other note, my prayers goes to the families who lost their love ones in the recent tragedy  in Newtown, Connecticut.  I have been sleepless for  two nights now thinking of those kids and educators.  I also pray for the for the family of the shooter.   I pray that  may  they rest in peace.