Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Born Photos

One day old Mr. Burrito.
Three days old Ms. Burrito.
Dear Burritos,

You know, when mommy turned 30 already and still  single, Mommy thought that she will never  experience the joy of being a Mom.  Until one day, a courageous  navy guy entered Mommy's life,  that's Daddy.  Mommy and Daddy got married and  tried for  over a year before their first bundle of joy finally arrived, and that's you Ms. Burrito.  Nine Months later, Mr. Burrito decided to join the clan.  From then on, Mommy and Daddy's life  got so busy but everyday is  a precious moment to treasure.  We hope that when both Mom and Dad are gone,. you will remember  how they love you both so much.  

We love you dearly!

Mommy and Daddy

Gearing Up for Summer

Good morning everyone! Before I walk Ms. Burrito to school, I'll post this update first. The school was close yesterday so Ms. Burrito had time to play dress up. I can tell that she is longing for summer so bad. She stayed some time in her room and when she got out, she said "I'm ready for summer Mom!"
I can't blame  her for wanting summer so bad.  I can't wait till we can enjoy outdoors again and  wear thin clothing.
Alrighty folks, gotta get ready now. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting as always.