Sunday, March 13, 2011

Atlas of the World

EJ got this Atlas world as a birthday gift last year from the Worthington family, thanks Bading.  We haven't read it yet  but when both of them got sick,  it was one of the entertaining thing for us to do, to read the Atlas of the World book.
We  looked at the different countries around the globe.  It was funny because  when my daughter saw the Philippines, she blurted out "No wonder you are very small Mom, it is because  your country is very small too",   I laughed because it's  hilarious how children perceive things.  
We really had fun  reading the book because not only that they learned so many stuff in it, there are also fun stuff to do like pulling a picture and another picture will show up and other stuff like that.
I forgot to  turn on the flash so the pictures are  dark.
It's fun to read with kids as they have gazillion of questions  line up for you.   Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Thanks for the visit and comments.