Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Island Hopping #1

In every military base there is an MWR (Morale Welfare & Recreation). They always offer trips to both local and international destinations. Last month they had a trip to Australia and Thailand. This month they hosted a local trip to one of the beautiful island here in the land of the morning calm. So we signed up just so we could enjoy the nature and get out from the base a little bit. So here's the start of our journey to Jeju Island or Jejudo. My sweethearts poses before leaving our abode last Saturday. We left at three pm to catch our flight in Busan Airport.
Waiting for the bus that will take us to the airport in front of Duffy's. The MWR bus that took us to the airport. Fun inside the bus. Taken from the bus when we are approaching the Busan airport. Checking in at the airport. Photos taken at the airport lounge while waiting for the plane. Inside the jinair plane.Tune in for the next post guys..