Saturday, April 21, 2018

John's 49th Birthday Celebration

It's been two months since my husband's birthday.  I was teasing him that in  another year, he will be a "golden guy".  Time flies and as we aged, we realized so many things.  First, we started noticing that  there are so many things that we can normally do easily when we were younger that it's getting harder and harder to do as we age.  Physically, our bodies become weaker and  less agile.  We do however become wiser right?  
My husband  gets frustrated sometimes because he can no longer  do things that he easily did when he was younger.  That's  one negative aspect of aging but it is always important to note that those younger years helped us  grow of what we are now.
But as he aged, he realized he have more patience.  He said, he used to be short-fused but now he is not, he is more understanding.  He always put himself to other peoples predicament and not judge.  He said, a lot of what he is now are rooted from his experience though all these years that he's been in the military.  Dealing with different kinds of people from different walks of life really formed his understanding of different situations. 
I always tell my kids how lucky they are to have a Dad like their father.  He always make sure that our kids are having fun and make sure that  they have what they need. 
On his birthday, mother nature  decided top dumped snow on us.   The first bowling lane we went to  was not operating that day so we went to the one in downtown area.  We did not want the snow to  ruin our plan of having fun.
Anyway, it was better on that bowling lane anyway. 
We love going to the bowling lane.  I wish we can do it more often but I am glad we do it on special occasions.
Overall, we  had a lot of fun on his birthday.  Traditional birthday cake is not on our book so we always get something that  the celebrant likes.  In my husband's case, he love cheesecake so that's what we got on his birthday.