Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reading Books in the Backyard

Aside from the thunderstorm that we had a couple of days ago, the weather has been very warm. Instead of doing our readings inside the house, me and Mr. Burrito laid blanket at our backyard and did our lessons there. It's more relaxing and enjoyable.
I did not know that Mr. Burrito is digging for "gold" when hubby took the photos lol.
I would like to introduce to you our new fur baby Bolt.  He is a  mixed lab and miniature Pinscher.  Our neighbor has six litters and  they were giving  them away and they gave us one.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snake on the Tree Trunk

Daddy was not in the mood  for walking  the other day because it was too hot, so I took the Burritos in the park.  We had a blast once again.
The Burritos made me a dandelion ring.
Look what we saw on this tree trunk, doesn't it look like a snake?  Pretty neat!
 Even though it was hot, they wanted to try this  toy car that  was displayed in an ice cream parlor.
Have a fabulous week ahead everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Healthy Family Bonding

Another ordinary but fun-filled day for us to enjoy mother nature. We all went to Mary Weir Memorial Park.
Our son has grown up physically and emotionally. Last year, he would go for a walk with us  but  whenever we are going home, he would ask us to carry him,  but now he walks like a big man.
There is this big tree with a V shape trunk and we love climbing on it.
Looking for some bugs is what they really love to do in the woods.
What I love about going for a walk is  the fresh air, beautiful flowers, lovely critters, and  most especially the time we spend for each other.  It's a healthy family bonding during summer time.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Woods

Here are some more of the photos that my husband took when we went to my BIL's property in Chester.  This is why I never leave my camera everywhere I go.  I think there are occasion where I forgot my house keys or car keys but  never my camera lol.
I just want my kids to see what we  did in the past  as a family.  I am sure that they will forget some of the things as they are still very young  but with pictures, they will remember.
As we returned to my BIL's house, we saw this little chipmunk looking at us.  You may see him in big picture by enlarging the  photo, just click  any of the  photos you would like to see.
We look forward to going back there again. We   always enjoy being with nature and  it's a good photo opportunities too when you are  in the woods  you know, lol.  Link  with me every Friday through ColoConnection.  You can post any color that you like.