Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have confession to make! After so many Sundays that we did not go to church, we finally made it today. Our daughter asked us if we can go this time. I know, Bad ME! After my brother died, I skipped going to church but I thanked God for reminding me of my faith through my daughter. The theme for today's service is the Healing Activity of our Lord. This helped me out to rekindle my faith and relationship to HIM. To fully explained the theme, I copied the context through the leaflet that I took from church.
A healthy person, who seldom or never needs a physician, finds difficulty in understanding the anguish, frustration, and never-to-be fulfilled desires of the physically handicapped. In primitive societies and prescientific times, the condition of the handicapped is even worse than it is today. There were no rehabilitation programs for them, no wheelchairs or any equipment that gave them at least some relief. Since religious belief regarded their mesiry as related to sin and moral
guilt, they were often outcast for whom nobody cared.
We find it although natural, therefore, that the writers of the Bible used the wrenched situation of the lame, the blind , and the deaf, the epileptics, and the lepers (all of whom they believed to be in the power of the demons) as a figure to describe humankind's alination from Godand the healing of these people as a signof God's powerful and caring presence. Ethically speaking, we could be like some of those handicapped. Pray that the Lord may open your ears to listen to his message. "Ephphta!' - that is, Be Opened!"