Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun with Pots and Pans

Does your children ever been addicted into playing with pots and pans?

My two lil' ones wants to play with it everyday. Rylie has a very creative imagination and ideas about what she's suppose to be cooking.. Sometime's she would say that she's making filipino foods such as menudo, caldereta, adobo and so on.. for our dinner.. There are time's that she said she's making a dessert, baking cookies, cake and stuff like that.. And she'll put it in the plate and let you try it too lol... I have to act like I am enjoying to eat them to show her my appreciation..

It's so fun watching them. But sometime's when I have so much stuff going on around the house I don't want them playing with it because it's scattered everywhere especially in the living room and kitchen... Hayyyy mahirap pag may makukulit!