Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freebies from Listia

If you haven't sign up with Listia yet, I will give you some examples of freebies that I've got from them for free. Well, I have paid shipping cost for some but most of them are free shipping. The first one is a purse which I called "playboy purse" lol. Isn't it cute? The seller of this is very nice, she accidentally put neutral on her feedback to me and she was very apologetic with it. She contacted the moderator and changed it to positive. I paid $3.50 for shipping but it's worth it coz it's darn cute. Thanks Angela!
Below is the brand new tutu that I won for 186 credits. Yeah I know, I told you guys that I won a giveaway before but I never received it till this day. So when I saw this on Listia, I was like, I have to win it for my princess and I won! She is so happy, she wear this often. This is free shipping and the seller was so nice too. She even gave me some tips on how to care for this one. You may visit her site if you want some tutu for your little girl by visiting Taylor Boutique. Please take note, this isn't a paid post, I just want to thank these people for their kindness.
The seller of this sippy cups was also a Mom so she is super nice! She listed the dora sippies as 12 ct but then it is only 11 pieces in actual. I told her not to worry about it because it is free anyway, but mind you lots of nice people are in Listia. She wants to be true to her word so she bought a new sippy just to make it complete. Which is an added bonus because EJ loves it! Thanks Traci!
These are some of the clothing, some of them are new and some are lightly used. I even bid and won some maternity dress even if I won't get pregnant anymore. One of them is new so I gave it to a preggy friend. The other tops I like because they are my size. The sketcher shoes is almost new so I bid on it and won it too.
So there, my Listia freebies.. Would you like to join us, Sign Up Now!

Playing Ball with Pap

I am so glad that even if my father-in-law will turn 88 years old in a couple of months, he is still active and able to play with the kids. I never had a chance to play with my grandparents before so to be able to see my kids play with their Pap is a joy to me.
These photos were taken last Sunday after church. EJ and Dad played ball in front of his house.
They did not know that I was taking pictures of them coz I was inside the house.
I really want to capture this precious moment of the two.
Thank you so much Dad for being so loving to all of us. You are a great role model for our clan. We love and respect you so much!