Saturday, April 30, 2011

Butterfly and Wasp

Ms. Burrito used the net that we bought at the store a couple of weeks ago.  She caught one big butterfly.  Don't worry she let it go after  a while.
She just want to see how  butterfly  sucks the nectar.  She picked a dandelion flower and put it in the container together with the butterfly then after she saw how, she let the  butterfly go.
Mr. Burrito on the other hand  got stung by a wasp.  This is the second time he got stung by those beast. I feel bad as it hurts, I know.
It got swollen but after he let the cold pack stay in his palm for a while, it  swelled down.
I hate those wasp.  Hubby already sprayed their house but they kept coming back every year. I wonder if potassium perchlorate will kill them?  Weird thinking eh?  Well, I'm just thinking of ways to kill these  beasts because it seems that the wasp spray doesn't really work.  Anyhow, you guys have a good day!