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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rough Ride

I wanted to experience how good it is to ride a motorbike on a dirt road from our place to town and going back. whew that was one rough ride adventure I've ever had hehehe. My brother owns a small motorcycle and my mother and I rode on the back. My butt was sore when we arrived home. Check out the bridge... Would you dare walk across this bridge, let alone ride on a motorbike?


  1. Wow welcome Mommy Rose..I missed you..How was your vacation? Musta ang passport mo??I think ok naman kasi nakabalik ka na...

    Whoa the bridge looks scary alright..good thing you were able to cross safely..

    Nice to feel your presence again..

  2. hehe I'd rather walk, that is what I missed in Pinas we do all those stuff and still we are happy (set aside the sore hehehe)

  3. I love your place rose, look so quiet and the air must be fresh. You guys really had fun in your vacation huh that great!
    got award for you dear in my blog. grab it if you have time. im sure you are still tired from your awesome trip.

  4. that's a scary bridge, but I think I'd rather walk than ride the motorcycle or bike.

  5. Hi Rose,
    If I am not mistaken, the photo was taken in the Philippines during your vacation there. The bridge looked very dangerous indeed. Riding it out on a motorcycle is indeed very dangerous. It's nice to know that you had your share of good times while vacationing in the Philippines in spite of your hassles with the DFA regarding your passport. Disregarding the rotten bureaucracy in the country, the Philippines is still a paradise of a country as far as vacationing is concerned. Here, your dollar stretches so long that you can buy almost anything with just a small amount. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you and your family always.

  6. u got the same post with ur hubby, the motorcycle ride, hehehe! uu nga sarap mg motor! take care kabayan!

  7. nga pala! nice un bridge,hehehe!@ nakakatakot n nakkaexcite dumaan dyan! hehehehehe!

  8. I love your page and it is my first time to drop comments in your blog I'm glad I found this site...Nice post

  9. adventure talaga ito!
    thanks mads but super takot ako sa height.

  10. wow...ehhehe...kakatakot naman nyan...I'll just cross the bridge or swim....hehhee...:)

    agree ako kay TKim...hehehe...kahit masakit puwit we enjoy the ride..kahit bumpy yung roads...hehhehe! I miss the motorcycle ride....:)

  11. Hehehe, kakatakot nmn yan sis. Rose. I like riding the motorcycle but after a while your butt would start soring, hehe..

    Welcome back te!!

  12. hahahaa!!naalala ko ang ganyan sa probinsya namin kaya lang di pa ako nakasakay!Takot lola mo eh!!that was a tough ride Ate Rose!!

  13. hehehe...they are used to that Rose, ilan ba kaya nya isakay sa motor nya? when I work in a remote area, mas nakakatakot kasi isang motor 6 ang sakay pampito ang driver hahaha, so, i have to sit at the last kasi nga mga lalaki yung ibang pasahero eh

    nakakatawa kasi , everytime para na ako mahulog so, i have to embrace the person next to me, hahaha

    anyway, thanks for sharing this picture, sa bridge, d na ako sasakay, walk nalang ako hahaha


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