Monday, December 27, 2010

Robert Morris University Trip

We went to my husband's school   two days before Christmas.  Robert Morris is a huge university  known for its business courses.  The bookstore was our main destination but hubby gave us a tour.  
 He bought a book that is not available anywhere else but  in the school's store.  As much as possible, hubby does not like buying books in the school because it is way expensive than buying it online.  I think that's one way of school's strategy to get the student to buy books from them, to have it available only in their school hehe.
This is the picture of how the old RMU looked like.  It was hanging on the wall at the library.  Their library is huge! 
 It's nice to go there during vacation because few people are around so taking pictures is  not to conscious.
 I found it interesting that there are names engraved on the octagon ceiling.  Not sure if they are alumnus or the founders.  The three flags below are the flag of the school, the state of PA, and the  US flag.
 There is a new building being built on the other side of the school.  I think this will be the replacement of the building they sold to Doquesne University in downtown w Pittsburgh.  Hubby saw a big squirrel  so he took some pics but it was way too far.
 We proceeded to the Robinson Mall  when we left school.   That will be on my next post hehehe.

That was an interesting trip for us.  We learned a little bit about hubby's school.