Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The joy of Being Kids

My husband worked very late last Friday in connection with the exercise/training that is going on in the base. He also work Saturday morning and was on call in the afternoon. Our children used to Dad being at home at five o'clock because we either go for a walk or play outside. But since he was late last Friday, I took our kids to their favorite place to play.
the loving sissy, pushing little bro in the stroller. They love climbing in this small hill. and slide down, its messy but its fun! and climbed again lol.. EJ love chasing the dragon flies. EJ love picking rocks and throw it outside this circle. Resting a little bit after that too much running.
Make a wish! She call the old dandelion flower a wishing flower. They love blowing it. We should let our kids be kids because the life span of their childhood is getting shorter and shorter as the technology progresses. Have a great Monday everyone!