Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dental Services

Both of our children has a very brittle set of teeth.  We constantly go to the dentist for filling.  We are wondering why the filling doesn't last very long.  We are thinking of switching dentist but we  are having a hard time doing that since we personally like the  dentist.  They are very nice and  makes us very comfortable during every visit.  
However, we are not very satisfied with the quality of dental work that they do.  The one that we used to go to before going to this one were  really good of what they do but the problem is their social skills.  It makes me so uncomfortable just by sitting in their office let alone in the  dental room.  The dentist is not friendly at all, they lack  personal and social skills.
 So we are torn.  Do you go to the one that you like because they are nice  even though they are not that good of what they do or do you go to the one who  are  so good of what they do but  lack social skills? I don't know, I was supposed to  reschedule my kids  appointment when they cancelled our appointment but I haven't done it since I am trying to decide whether or not we  need to switch.
  Photos were taken in May when they both lost tooth.

Update:  We switched provider after our last visit, details below:

May 28:  The kids had an appointment but was cancelled by the dental office  three days before the actual appointment.  They said that the dentist is not feeling well.  My husband have already put in  a  day of absence/leave  at work for this  but  we did not mind  and we understand because it was  inevitable.  I was advised to reschedule  the said appointment. I rescheduled the appointment to August 31st.

August 25:  I got a call from the dentist office and  was asked if  we would like to come in  because they had a cancellation.  I told them no because we had other things to do that day.

August 31:  We got the kids out  from school earlier just to be able to do their dental appointments.  Upon signing in, we were told that   the  cleaning was  scheduled  a month earlier than  it needs to be.  So they wanted us to reschedule it at a later date in September.  My husband asked me if I want to re-schedule, I can tell that he was fuming  mad already.  I told them no.  I said "It would have been nice if we were informed  the week before so we didn't have to pull the kids out of the school".  They missed some tests on that day because  of the appointment so I was  pissed.  They tried to explain to us but I said I don't want to make anymore  appointments and we left.

On our way home, we dropped by at  another dental office which is closer to our home.  We asked if they are accepting new patients and they took us in.  So yeah, we have new dentists now.