Tuesday, November 25, 2008

golden green

We went to the store yesterday to get some additional stuff we need for the thanksgiving. Hubby paid it and he was shocked with the amount. We only got a couple of items and the total of the grocery was enormous. He told me about it when we were driving home already. So I immediately ask for the receipt and review it and BINGO, the picture below was the cause.
We only got one piece of bell pepper and it cost us 64.40, holly molly! So hubby went back right away at the store and clarify the things. The cashier told him that he also did the right code, weight and stuff and he himself don't understand why it did it lol. But anyhow, we got our money back hehehe.. What's the lesson? Always examine your receipt for discrepancies!

Pasko Na (It's Christmas Time)

My husband took our kids for a drive the other night and they saw some houses with Christmas decorations put up already. So my daughter bugged me yesterday to set out our Christmas decor too. In the States, they don't really put up decorations until after Thanksgiving day. In the Philippines however, decorations starts to show up when the B-E-R months start. Yes, as early as September, you would be able to feel that Christmas is in the air because of the Christmas decorations. Here are some of the pics we took yesterday!
Here's my helper, busy decorating the tree!
Instead of gifts, she wants to put all her xmas stuffed toys hehehe..
When my son woke up from nap, he wanted to mess up everything lol...
That's what we accomplished yesterday, we are continuing the dcoration today...